Learning, Doing, and Becoming with Jesus

Trying To Figure Out The Lord | May 15, 2017
The ways of the Lord are counter-intuitive. Through every century and age, men and women have been trying to figure out His ways. In this chapter, Paul tries to explain the unbelievable grace that has been shown to those who were not of Jewish ancestry.

God’s riches, wisdom, and knowledge are so deep
that it is impossible to explain his decisions
or to understand his ways.
“Who knows how the Lord thinks?
Who can become his adviser?”
Who gave the Lord something
which the Lord must pay back?
Everything is from him and by him and for him.
Glory belongs to him forever! Amen!
Romans 11:33-36, GW

Responding To The Lord | May 16, 2017
This verse, like many others, can become meaningless over time if we do not meditate upon it. Like John 3:16, these "memorized" verses can lose their power to transform if we just rush on by without taking into view the power of the truth. 

Brothers and sisters, in view of all we have just shared about God’s compassion, I encourage you to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, dedicated to God and pleasing to him. This kind of worship is appropriate for you.
Romans 12:1, GW

Your Unique Calling | May 18, 2017
As I was reading Romans 12 on Monday, I realized that I wanted to take a slow stroll down through the chapter with you. With so much treasure to be mined, it would be a shame to rush along. So we come to the second encouragement today. The first is to respond with your life. The second is to be reminded that God has uniquely designed you as you transform as a spiritual son or daughter. 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2, NIV