Spanish Lessons with Maria Gonzalez


Have you ever been in a situation that you wished you knew more Spanish? This happens each summer to many on the Guatemala mission team.

Realizing that it takes time to learn a new language, Maria has started offering Spanish lessons on Sunday after our worship gathering. The class meets in the Conference Room at 12:30pm.
Everyone is welcome.

Here is an update from Maria.

I am so encouraged by the progress made by everyone attending. I appreciate your giving up part of your Sunday to learn a language that will be very helpful, even if you don’t have plans to travel to Guatemala; however, once you are able to speak Spanish, I am sure you will decide to join our missions group ministering to the people in my beautiful country.

So… if you haven’t yet joined, give it a try and join us right after our Sunday service and meal.

I am not charging for the lessons, but would like to thank those of you that have been led by the Lord to give a donation.  You have definitely blessed me!

Hope to see many more of you this Sunday!

With a good head start, you too will be able to communicate in Spanish in Guatemala next summer, and beyond!