Summer Fun Stories


Some people are story tellers and some are story listeners. I tend to lean toward the listening side. After returning from Los Angeles for vacation and getting to write a few reflections about it, I had the thought that quite a few of us have done enjoyable things that are worth sharing. Also, with us all off and doing fun things, we're not always around to share it with one another. Here is a chance for us to catch up!

So here are the stories that have been sent in to me for this article.

Anne Teagarden

"Our biggest fun this summer was a two week family road trip through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Yellowstone, Idaho and Nevada. It was fun time as a family and great to get away from cell phone service and email for a week. That much time in the car together definitely creates bonding. 😊"

Thea Smith

Here is my summer in a nutshell:
St. Maarten!
Water fun, sun, time with hubby
5 adorable granddaughters
Little Gym
Raging Waters
Footie Fun soccer
Swimming lessons
Driving, shopping, hanging out with Mom
Family dinners. Fun with friends.
Lost a friend. Cancer!  Hate it.
Back working at my alma mater. Love it.
Retirement?!!! Nah.
Praising God for ALL his blessings.

Lydia Fonceca

This summer I got to go to Los Angeles, twice. Both times I did lots of fun things, but what I enjoyed the most was sitting and hanging out at my Great Grandparents’ pool. It was just a fun time with family, and I think I had my best memories this summer there. 

Carol Phillips

Our special time each summer for the past 20 plus years is at a very remote lake resort in the Mendocino forest.  Back in the 1930's they built a dam (this lake supplies water to Sonoma County) and also built several small cabins for the dam workers.  There are seven families (30 of us)  that go every year the last week of June.  We love this place for several reasons.  The lake is absolutely beautiful, there is no cell phone service, no TV and just plain old family fun time.  There is a small little store with a front porch; and that is where the evening bingo games are held.  There are several areas for campers and a small playground for the kids with a ping pong table (the store provides the paddles and balls).
There are a few other families that come each year at the same time for their family reunion, some from as far away as New Jersey. So all our children and grandchildren have grown up together during that one week each year. Everyone runs to greet each family when they arrive and are amazed it how the children have grown each year.  But my favorite part of this vacation is that this is the one week each year when the children start each day with an adventure, whether it's swimming, or walking the huge logs that separate the swimming area from the boating area, tubing, or boating down to Eagle Rock to see if they can spot the Bald Eagle that lives there throughout the year, or exploring at night with flashlights. No cell phones, no TV just children enjoying the world around them they way I used to when I was a child.  For that one week we are in God's playground.

Judy Higa

I was lucky enough to stay in Paris this summer for 2 weeks with my daughter Reilly and my sister Patty.  We stayed in a beautiful Parisian apartment and rode the metro and walked everywhere!
Every morning my sister and I would enjoy an early morning latte and cappuccino at a café that was owned by Kim a very nice gentleman from Tunisia.  He would welcome us with a smile and have our drinks going as soon as he spotted us.  Every day he would give us an orange from Spain to enjoy later in the day.
The best part of this trip is that I was enjoying the simplest thing every morning with my sister.  I pray that I remember this trip and all the blessings for a very long time. 

Brook Fonceca

A fun memory I have from this summer is my birthday. It was one of the best birthdays I can remember. It started out in true Fonceca tradition with a special breakfast, cards, and a few small gifts. When I came home from the office I was treated to a fantastic meal for dinner. Then it was off to the drive-in for a family movie! We saw Inside Out. The four older kids sat in camping chairs, and Autumn, Lillian, and I got cozy in the back of the van. The whole day was simple, low-key, and fun for everyone! This will be a birthday to remember for a long, long time!

I hope you enjoyed these stories! I would love to do this again in November and hear about your favorite Thanksgiving traditions. I'll send a reminder in early October for submissions. I can't wait!!!

— Brook